Mr. M. D. Mehta, the founder, was trading in parachutes and chemicals in the USA when he came across a demand for steel balls in India. Since this was an item he had never dealt with before, he advertised in “The New York Times “for a supplier. Two enterprising Americans approached him with a proposal to manufacture the steel balls in New Haven Connecticut. The duo was equipped with the knowledge and technical know-how to manufacture the balls, but no capital. Mr. Mehta, entrepreneur by heart, decided to venture into the new product line-Steel balls. That was just the beginning. NHB grew exponentially, and in 1949, manufacturing facilities were relocated to India. Now, headquartered in Mumbai, India, NHB is a global company, with two plants located in the state of Gujarat.

NHB 3rd generation entrepreneurs have assimilated one of the finest professionals to bring the company to a global platform. We have created a unique manufacturing technology second to none. With concepts such as “Channels” & “Lean Manufacturing” we have been able to match our customer expectation in all areas of performance and put NHB on the global map when it comes to high precision balls.