Silent Bearing Solutions

The real heart of a ball bearing is represented by the balls themselves, which interposed between the inner ring and the outer one, allow their motion between the parts and lead to their great performances and functional capacities. In a rigid ball bearing, as well as in an angular contact one, the ball is the component with the highest precision requirements. The ISO 3290 Standard does not define all the balls product features, which could potentially impact on the performance of the bearing and / or of the final application. Considering this fact NHB Ball & Roller LTD has recently launched a new class of chrome steel balls 100Cr6. These are Super-Premium balls, of a better class than the G3 quality. The ISO 3290 standard points out this last as currently the best existing one. “Super-Premium balls have been developed thanks to the company extended implementation of a Premium philosophy that is based on the standardization towards the extreme quality of every little part of the production process, on the refusal of any compromise of any nature and on the exasperated research for excellence”.

Electrical Motors :-

The purpose of a bearing in an electric motor is to support and locate the rotor, to keep the air gap small and consistent and transfer the loads from the shaft to the motor. The bearings should be able to operate at low and high speeds whilst minimizing frictional loses. Some applications require low noise like Electrical cars, home appliences like Air conditioner, Refrigerator, clothes washing & drying machine, dish washer etc.

Alternators :-

 Alternators are used in automobiles to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running. High performance bearings are required to satisfy the high temperature and initial torque requirements. Steel balls in these bearings play a critical role to guarantee both the load capacity and the precise rotation without generating tedious intermittent noise.

Super Premium quality balls have been developed by NHB also for this application. The smooth geometry and the lack of any even small surface defect minimize the friction and ensures better performances in vehicle battery recharge.