We deliver High Precision Balls to over 1000 applications

We support Energy Conservation

We provide Comfort in your daily lives

Safety is our prime responsibility

We are the heart of the ball bearings

Precision applications are sensitive to high performance. NHB Ball & Roller has a culture that demands high commitment from all employees to deliver superior products on a daily basis. With a culture of continual improvement, the NHB Group is rapidly gaining presence on a global scale.

With continuous investments in technology, systems, and training, NHB has transformed itself from a bicycle balls manufacture to over 1000’s of high precision applications that affect everyone’s daily life.

Understanding the needs of the customer, NHB’s 9 warehouses globally deliver Just in time service to cater to fluctuating demands and ensure satisfaction.

Our Vision

Leadership Through Quality

Demanding applications have always been the focal point of NHB. Leadership through quality means that any decision we take is driven by the impact that it will take on the long term value we provide to our customers

We believe that this vision can give us a sustainable advantage in the global market place.

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TPM Strong Commitment Award

Certified for TPM Strong Commitment Award from CII. Certificate given by Mr.Yoshitaka Murase – JIPM in Sept. 2019.

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